Ushuaia 2015

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Ushuaia 2015

Ushuaia 2015
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David Guetta - David Guetta LIVE Concert

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David Guetta: Ushuaia 2015

por Live Nation 1:02 minuto(s)

David Guetta: Ushuaia 2015

por Live Nation 1:02 minuto(s)

David Guetta has played a pivotal role in turning dance music into the chart-topping juggernaut it is today. His impact has been impossible to ignore, or to underestimate. He can be considered among the elite group of super-producers whose sound is synonymous with an era – such as Trevor Horn, Rick Rubin or Dr Dre. With his landmark new album, Listen, Guetta is announcing the end of that era – and signposting the way to the next. The electronic-dance-music (EDM) sound he pioneered rules the world. A surging, smiley fun-gasm that rose the same time as the world economy crashed, EDM gave pop culture a huge shot of optimism and escapism. But, ever the tastemaker, Guetta is ahead of the curve. “I needed to create a new sound,” he says. “Music is all about cycles, about action and reaction, and there has been a reaction to EDM becoming the new pop. Listen is completely different to anything I’ve done before.” Listen has been three years in the making – in the studio in London, LA and Ibiza, where Guetta lives; as well as out on the road. Composing on the hoof has become stock-in-trade for superstar DJ-producers, writing beats on their laptops jetting between exotic locations; and Guetta has been no exception (he has residencies at XS and Encore in Vegas, Ushuaia and Pacha in Ibiza, and DJs to millions around the world each year). Now he is doing things differently: “I used to always make beats first, then write the songs. This time I spent much more time in the studio, and started with the piano, or guitar, and the voice. I started from the song – not the beat.”

No te los pierdas

No te los pierdas

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    David Guetta - Ushuaia 2015

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